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Slash RP Buddy?! :)

(edited version, i forgot to add that it was a slash RP buddy i'm looking for. god, i'm retarded. x_x sorry for any confusement. it's my fault >_<)

Heey, I don't know if people still look around this thing, but incase any of you still do and are looking for a slash RP buddy, feel free to IM me on AIM @ ZayetLikeUMeanIt if you're interested and we can work something out :]

Thankyou! Much love. ^__^

I'm friendly, I swear. :P
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I couldn't go to that website thing you posted but.. if you're still looking for a rp buddy maybe we could talk? I've been trying to get back in rping but i can't ever find anything.. So.. Let me know?
i'm so interested in talking about it. that'd be great ^_^
do you have an AIM screen name i could reach you on?
*nudges* :]